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pregnant, lost, and confused

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user1466948873 Sun 26-Jun-16 15:12:44

Dear people on the forum, i believe that i need your support as i am completely lost at the moment. I live in London, and i finally got a nice job, and started to build up my career, and got pregnant (start of the 2-nd trimester). This is quite a happy thing, as children are amazing, and very fun to be with. Actually i am terrified by nursery costs, as i was thinking to go back working after maternity leave. My company would take me back, however i cant afford to spent all my salary on nursery. I do not have anyone in the UK, so there is nowhere to stay. My partner is scared of changes and might leave us without any support, by moving out of the UK (he is British), but i am a EU citizen. I am not sure that i can apply for housing benefits, as at the moment i am renting privately and pay cash in hand, so my contribution of council tax is not counted. My room is small, but can fit a child. However, it has single glazing, and my landlady is stingy on heating in winter, so i will need to move out.
As you can understand, i cant give child to nursery, as i just cant afford it. i also cant stay without a job after maternity leave, as there is a necessity to bring food to the table, and have clothing and hopefully somewhere to live.
I am scared, and have nobody to ask help from. That is why i am making a post here, as someone might have been in similar situation or might give suggestion on what to do.
*i am not sure if childs farther will change his opinion and would like to stay with us. At the moment he is going through his psychological changes, and i cant make a decision for him. Alway hope for the best, but want to know my opportunities.

ryanbeth1 Sun 26-Jun-16 22:13:09

I'm so sorry to hear of your situation... I can't give advice on what help you would be entitled to but i would suggest you find out everything you can. The question i think i'd be asking myself is am i happy to do this alone? I too am a single parent of twins working a full time job and one of my twins has a chronic condition which makes it even more challenging. Get advice from your local authority quickly to help with the finical and housing situation. Then decide from there. Sorry i can't offer anything more but really feel for your position x

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