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Bad behaviour

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mytimewillcome Sun 12-Jun-16 18:42:06

I feel that my 6 year old son has no respect for me and doesn't listen to me when I say no. I lose my temper and we end up arguing. If it's like this now it will be terrible when he is a teenager. I've sent him to his room because he was not doing as he was told and calling me an idiot. I am not a soft parent by any means so how can I regain control? I do feel that his behaviour has hugely deteriorated since his father left over 2 years ago. His father is currently not in contact with him as there are neglect issues and I suspect drug use. He is the perfect child in school so it's only at home.

starry0ne Tue 14-Jun-16 14:45:14

I have been in this position..I do think boys have hormone surges but also I found we are both stubborn and we can get locked into a battle..At these points I take a step back we often go out for the day and almost reconnect...

I also found removing stuff doesn't work.. I think at that age I did he coould earn 10p a day pocket money so for good behaviour but make sure you write it as a positive..It takes time..Lies were a big think for my son so was rewarded for been truthful ( not for not telling lies) I can say though I did reach a point where he expected a reward for doing basic things like behaving in a supermarket.

Do you think it is general behaviour or something behind it..2 years is and isn't a long time to process not seeing your dad when 6..He may well have overlapping feelings.

Another thing I have done is a feelings book. I told him he could feel however he wants he doesn't have the right to behave badly.

I do think the you argue is an issue..Broken record..It is a no.. losing temper does not resolve anything.

I also talk to my DS about what he could of done differently after the event. I think sometimes they don't know how to do it differently.

My DS is 9 not seen his dad since he was 3 and although he has his moments he is much calmer and happier.

I always say be careful never to back down , but think carefully before you threaten something..Is it worth a battle ( and some things are some aren't) and I always make sure I apologise if I am wrong.. I also learn no point asking for an explanation..Your behaviour is unacceptable is what I tell him..They usually don't know why

Some of this may or may not help but worth thinking about.

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