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Just need to vent!

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Vonnie2016 Fri 10-Jun-16 23:57:19

Yet again my DD (6) has been let down by her dad.
Tomorrow she is going on stage with school for the local Carnival and doing a dance. She has been practising for weeks and was so excited that her dad was coming with me to watch her. He called tonight said he can't make it, due to having a tenancy inspection on his flat. He lives two hours away so wouldn't get here on time. She was heartbroken when I told her! I hate seeing that little face so sad.

Lelloteddy Sat 11-Jun-16 12:27:12

Poor wee thing. It's crap. Mine have got used to it now. They don't even factor him being there into the equation. They've become quite resilient to it, which is sad in one way but seems to be easier on them.

Vonnie2016 Sat 11-Jun-16 12:48:06

Yeah it's so sad to think that's the way it goes. I think I am just going to stop telling her he will be coming because I can't stand the let down when he doesn't.
As long as the kids don't feel it, then I am happy. I will there clapping like mad for her I just hope it's enough. The funniest thing is he once told me he remembers having a big football match when he was a kid and his dad didn't go cause he was working and it stuck with him ever since, the feeling of disappointment! History repeating itself! Urgh.😢

Einna88 Sat 11-Jun-16 13:58:29

Awwww, sweetie! Me heart breaks for your DD, partially because I was her myself 20 years ago. It really hurts to have a parent let you down like that but hey, so long as she has an awesome rock in you to make up for it it'll be all good :-) chin up.

Vonnie2016 Sun 12-Jun-16 22:16:25

Thanks Einna, she was fab at the carnival and I clapped and cheered her all the way through. Her dad promised her he would take the day off work tomorrow and take her to and pick her up from school tomorrow, so she was happy as he doesn't do it often. And guess what? He has let her down again!! Says work called and said he had to go in due to staff shortage.
She didn't even get upset, the sad fact she expects her dad to dissapoint her now. I hit the roof.angry

starry0ne Tue 14-Jun-16 14:23:52

MY DS was like this at 3.. we went to a Christmas party and waiting outside..Dad was late and DS said lets go he won't come.. It broke my heart.....Anyway not long after that contact stopped but I felt something had to change at that point.. I will not allow my child to be hurt over and over again by the same person..

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