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Overnight contact

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Essex81 Fri 10-Jun-16 09:47:33

Long story, so Ill try to keep it short, have a LO just over a year old. Contact stopped from 3 months (he moved out of my home when LO was 3 weeks old) old until LO was 9 months old, his choice not mine, which he of course denies, blaming me for stopping it! Contact has been in contact centre every other Saturday since March and will stay there until end of July, then will be unsupervised every week. Back to court for a final hearing. He will ask for on, but what age is acceptable for him to have LO overnight? He was never hands-on during that 3 month period, the complete opposite, there was emotional abuse involved. He has lied through-out the whole court process, even lying where he lives, has threatened to kidnap LO but was verbal so I have no prove. He lives with his new GF, which is where I would prefer overnight contact to happen (though I feel I should have a right to meet her since she is a total stranger to myself and my LO), though he claims to live with his parents, who are very abusive, both mentally and physically abusive (to ex when he was younger) and mentally abusive to me, though he now denies it all of course! Anyway, what age would be acceptable and given the general lack of understanding my LO needs. The magistrates has said he expects it to happen by end of the year and if we cant agree then they will decide, which fears me with total dread as I cant trust him. He also wont agree to anything, its about revenge and not was in the best interest for LO, hence the continual lies and lack of any financial support.

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