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I'm so tired....

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Emochild Wed 08-Jun-16 22:44:24

...of doing this by myself

Dd14(ASD) is either on the verge of meltdown or talking constantly

Dd12 sulky, snappy, wants to be out with her friends constantly and has attitude by the bucket load

I know this is par for the course but i'm so tired of bouncing between the needs of them both that I haven't even got a clue what my needs are anymore, never mind having the time to meet them

I haven't had a day off from them both in 4 years and i'm tired

Squeegle Wed 08-Jun-16 22:51:01

Yes.... I know what you mean. It's very tiring. Mine have been ok today actually but usually it is door slam city here. So tiring. Both of them wanting a piece of you. Can't say much - except to say, you're not alone!

Emochild Wed 08-Jun-16 23:39:50

Thanks squeegle

Usually it's my oldest that gives me the most sleepless nights but in the last few weeks the younger one is obviously unhappy about something but won't tell me what -i'm not sure she even knows

Told her I loved her earlier and she did a massive eye roll

Never felt so alone

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