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Supervised contact, but not at contact centre

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TheFullMinty Sat 25-Jun-16 10:12:02

Supervised contact absolutely can be envisaged as a long term solution by the courts and it is not unusual to have an order ensuring supervised only contact to guarantee a child's well being. Contact centres are a temporary solution but supervision by an independent party can work well.

lostdad Mon 06-Jun-16 12:58:36

Google independent social workers then ring a few and explain the situation. I know of a few people who have done this.

Would be interested to know how this worked it's way into an order though. Supervised or supported contact is only ever envisaged as a temporary measure before progressing onto unsupervised/unsupported.

It will likely be expensive to get an independent social worker. If there is a way you can agree something with your ex it is worth considering. The Court usually welcomes parents working together and agreement concerning children.

Sorry I cannot give more specific advice.

SunshineHQ Sun 05-Jun-16 21:58:59

We are going through a very drawn out Family Court process regarding access between my two children and their father, which still remains on a supervised basis.

The Court Order now says that we need to arrange independent supervision for the contact time, rather than just replying on wider family members as has been the case for now. However, finding someone to undertake this, or even working out where to advertise or look, is extremely difficult. It is for quite a substantial amount of time, 10-5pm one day each weekend, plus an extra 10-5pm mid week one day throughout the holidays, and one after school afternoon 3-6.30pm each week in term time.

Any thoughts would be very appreciated. The Court system has been unable to offer any advice on where we might look for such a person. The only guidance is that it should be someone with experience of children and safeguarding, and needs to be independent.

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