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From being a single parent to family unit again with new DP and new DC

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Adelecarberry87 Fri 27-May-16 10:09:25

I was fairly young when I fell pregnant with my DS (20s and in university) my ex was an arse left us when DS was 1. I mourned the lost of a family unit for DS he never experienced that with both his parents as he was so young it maybe a godsend in someways and in others not.

I meet my DH and after several years we married and have two DC all children are treated the same and DS1 has a loving relationship with my DH and adores his siblings. I just feel a sense of guilt that he has split of everything Birthdays, Christmas's. Whilst the other two get to spend time with both their parents equally. DS does see his DF regularly but we don't parent the same and often he can undermine me.

Me and my DH recently attended DD nursery induction and for the first time I had a support of a parent sharing together a new milestone in our child's life. I felt a sense of guilt that DS doesn't seem his parents together for such events.

I guess I grew up with both my parents it's not what I wanted for my DS although he seems very happy 7 year old. Does anyone else feel this way? I know I had no control over it my ex ran off with someone else but when I see my other DC interact with their DF I know DS hasn't that closeness he has with his DF than he does to his StepDF.

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