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Second family taking priority

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lookluv Thu 26-May-16 15:25:24

Rhetorical question I know!

Why does my Ex and his DP, think it is OK to prioritise her DCs over his own. Spineless git that he is.

He is supposed to be picking DCS up from school today, all arranged and taking them swimming. 5 mins ago get a phone call, really sorry can not get them, something has happened here and I have to go and do other stuff.

In the back ground, I hear his delightfully selfish DP say, you need to leave now to pick up X and Y, and take Z with you, my hair appointment is in 5 minutes.

So his DP has made a hair appointment, she can not pick her DCs up from school or look after the other one, so spinelss git abandons his DCs to look after hers. He is lucky that for the first time on a Thursday in years I have left work early, because I thought I would go to the gym.

She is a selfish cow, who knew he was doing this and he is a spineless, bollock less moron who needs to grow a pair.

Sorry rant over, whilst I do what any self respecting parent does and looks after their children first.

starry0ne Thu 26-May-16 21:22:39

I would be completely annoyed too..

So you have to drop everything too so she can have her hair done too.

lookluv Thu 26-May-16 22:07:46

Exactly = aparently he could not leave X and Y not picke dup from school - but he could laave his own 2 DCs!!

It is that belief that I can drop everything and accommodate his new family and that is right.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAagh - he then phones to speak to my upset DCs whilst in the park with hers.

I just wish he could see the oldest ones face, as they realise why he has not turned up. It breaks my heart.

Lelloteddy Thu 26-May-16 22:37:49

It's so tough. Mine aren't even allowed to sit beside daddy on the sofa anymore at his house because that's where OW sits.

Just keep on doing what you're doing, remain constant and secure so that they know they can always rely on you to be consistent and their safe place.

And secretly stick pins in an effigy of arsehole ex wink

lookluv Sat 28-May-16 22:00:30

lello - ditto here but worse for my DCs - no cuddles beacuse OW sits next to him and no to sitting on the sofa because her DCS live here and they get to choose first!!

But fuck it, they have usually been sent to bed for not eating all their supper - a dish she makes everytime, she also knows they do not like. ( not fussy eaters by the way) She makes spicy pasta arriabiata which gives them the runs - all chilli does.

I stick pins in him for being spine less and allowing this abuse to happen and I stick pins in her for abusing my children. She is the one who does it, knows she can get away with it because bollockless one will let her.

MrsSpecter Sat 28-May-16 22:05:11

Poor dcs!! My ex is married but currently no other children. Doesnt stop him just deciding he isnt coming though. I half suspect men like this would be like this regardless of whether they have a second family/other excuses. My ex will basically make up any old shit as his excuse for not coming for them. A second family would just be an extremely convenient excuse for him.

Lelloteddy Sat 28-May-16 22:54:30

Yep no cuddles either for mine because the screaming toddler doesn't like them cuddling 'her' daddy sad
It breaks my heart to see what he's doing to them but on the whole they're happy, settled children and as he distances more and more from them I think the rejection stings a little bit less. It's almost like a quiet acceptance on their part of the 'rules' enforced on them.

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