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DD leaving college and Cm/ benefits

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mumandsome Tue 24-May-16 10:12:16

My DD is just taking her as exams and doesn’t think she wants to return to finish her a levels next year. She has found a permanent job with a 3 month probation which she wants to start next week with a view to giving it a try and returning to college as a plan B for September if it doesn’t work out. i.e. she doesn’t intend to let college know and will treat this new job as summer work, making her decision in September. This is a job rather than an apprenticeship but they will give her an evening a week to study in order to satisfy the education bods that she is still learning but I don’t imagine it would be classed as full time education?

My question is, given that she hasn’t officially left college – will her Dad still need to pay me maintenance? And will I still claim benefits for her as a child in education until September or does all this stop now?

mumandsome Tue 24-May-16 14:41:19


brokenbone Tue 24-May-16 14:58:43

My ex husband must pay maintenance for our DS until he is 18. He has an apprenticeship and earns good money so I actually contacted the CSA and they confirmed it as 18 but I asked them to stop collecting it from my ex as he is struggling financially. As for benefits, my DS was also on 2 minds about whether he wanted to go to college so I continued claiming until he had decided and then contacted the tax credit office to let them know he was doing an apprenticeship. They then said jointly we would be earning too much even though he's my son and my payments were stopped. Until your daughter has decided she wants to leave education, she is still classed as in full time education iyswim and your benefits will continue until you inform them she is working. Hope this helps xx

mumandsome Tue 24-May-16 16:33:36

Oh great, thanks for that. I hadn't considered they'd take her income in to account for the household but that makes sense. Re the CSA that is reassuring but I think as it is work rather than an apprenticeship he may not have to pay?

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