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nonladyofleisure Fri 20-May-16 10:33:47

Am I being unreasonable to ask my ex partner to give his money via bacs? He used to give £30 a week then he changed it to £20 and as he's a dodgy Arse I can't go to CSA. So I have to basically put up with whatever he gives me...

I've also mentioned I've opened a savings account for our son he said he doesn't want to put in there as he has a money box as home and doesn't want me rinsing it... hmmhe wants his savings to go towards holidays
It's his prerogative whether he puts it in this one or not it's more the fact he doesn't do any banking stuff!

Is he just archaic? I'm sick of being given cash when ever he remembers his wallet, did I pay you last week? Oh I'm not paying you this week ( yes he could still do that but less likely to)

My other sons father was paying cash and said he would have much preferred one monthly payment to come out once a month... So we've set up standing order and bobs your uncle! smile

nonladyofleisure Fri 20-May-16 10:41:20

I'm apparently lucky to get what I get and be grateful... His answer is go to the CSA (when I last went through them they told me that he only earned £5 per week so didn't have to give me a penny.

He really has got me in a shit situation hasn't he?

This gives me no option than to work full time to provide for the children.

I know I'm only ranting to myself as no one has replied ( yet hmmgrin) but it feels better! X

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