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lone parent - where when how ?

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LochHart Thu 19-May-16 14:31:53

Being a single parent for last 8-ish yrs : After losing house - job - savings - friends - etc etc to ensure my kids survival - attempts on my life ( because I refuse to let strangers have my kids at there disposal ) - ex even went to court to gain custody ( while they lived with me as she told kids her self do not want you ) on the day of court gave me notice I was taking them with me - there has been absolutely minimal contact ( maybe a couple of phone calls a year ) has popped up to take daughter from school ( the teachers have only ever known me ) and informs me I am not having any contact with daughter what so ever , still refuses to acknowledge son - I'm informed by social services , solicitors etc there is nothing I can do - my lad just takes it all in his stride, yet I fear for my daughter as she enters woman hood as mum is really not a pleasant person .feel absolutely lost and betrayed by a system that is supposed to care .

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