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Do i pass this on to SS or not?

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RudeElf Mon 11-Apr-16 21:30:07

Brief history Ds(6) being assessed for adhd and autism, has run away twice, police brought him home, SS are involved with that and more recent stuff (i had a thread if anyone remembers) SS were concerned with treatment of DC by their dad, not smacking or anything but punishing for having toilet accidents and talking badly about me infront of them and speaking nastily to them, letting them watch and. play inappropriate shows/games. Exp denies all this. He hadnt seen DC since end of January, began contact again with DS2 a fortnight ago.

When DS came back two weeks ago he said that he had got changed in the car on the way home. I asked about seatbelt and booster seat he said he put seatbelt back on after he got changed but there is no booster seat. I texted exp saying DS needs to be in a booster seat legally. He replied with a photo of a booster seat. I said to please make sure he sits on it.

So this weekend DS tells me he was outside playing until 10 to 9 saturday night. I asked how did he know and he said because when he went in and set his cup down dad woke up and said it was 10 to 9 and they had to go to collect dad's wife at 9 (a 20 minute drive away) i asked where dad was sleeping and he said on the sofa. He said he had been sleeping for ages. I asked if dad was the only one there and he said yes. So DS who is 6 with SEN and history of running away, SS involvement was left outside alone 'til after dark while his dad slept on the sofa. I then asked about collecting step mum and was dad in a rush, he said he was driving really fast and he (ds) was sliding on his seat. I asked did he mean his booster seat and he said no, dad doesnt have a booster seat in his car.

So first instinct was to ring exp and chew his fucking head off but off course he will deny it all, its the same story every time anything is raised. I know for a fact he will have denied everything to SS that was raised by me. So do i ring them and tell them all that DS has said? He will absolutely deny it whether i say to him or i say to SS and they say to him. Quite honestly i am thinking not to allow DS back if he cant even supervise him! What do i do? Will SS even do anything with this info? Or is it just worth passing on so there is a record of it?

cestlavielife Wed 13-Apr-16 20:13:43

It s your word your ds word against his.
Not enough evidence.
Ypu need a concerned neighbour to find him in street etc.

KamMum Sat 16-Apr-16 13:36:59

I wouldn't let him go back. If you wouldn't let your son play out at that time and be in a car without a booster seat, how dare anyone else - even his father. You could call social services and ask for advice, not to report him. That way if anything else happens,there will be some kind of record. Have a word with dad too and tell him it's not on!

BirthdayBetty Sat 16-Apr-16 13:44:11

Christ, what a worry. I'd inform SS if I were you, just incase he goes down the legal route re contact. In your position I wouldn't be allowing ds to go there, he sounds thoroughly irresponsible, especially with regards to ds assessments and history of absconding.

RudeElf Sat 16-Apr-16 13:51:30

Thanks all. I have since called SS and passed on what DS said. I didnt get to talk to the man who is handling DS' case so i dont know what exp has said to the stuff before this. DS is due to go back next weekend. I dont know whether to let him or not. DS will want to, i know that. But if i bring this up with exp then it will be massive row and telling me its all lies.

bubblegurl252 Tue 10-May-16 21:17:08

With regards to the next visit, speak to your social worker, discuss your concerns and ask their advice on what you should do, then write down the time and date of the conversation and follow the advice.

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