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Beautifulbella Mon 28-Mar-16 14:24:14

This is more than likely posted in the wrong category, but was hoping their was any single parents willing to give advise.

I am a single mum who lives with my dd who is 7 months, I also love with my mum. We are constantly at log a heads due to different living standards. For instance my mum invited my nephews over for a whole week and they completely trash the place, I'm not on about a few bits I mean completely trash it break all my things and my dd's I've had to throw away four of my dd toys which she hasn't used due to them (nephews are 16months older than my daughter) last night I'd had enough as my dd's clothes were covered in chocolate and other sweets due my nephews raiding her wardrobe, I can't count the amount of times I've told them no or its wrong I've spoken to my sister and mum but they just laugh. It's lead to me crying myself to sleep because I dread waking up to the state of the home. Don't get me wrong is clean but I dread to think what they we ruined next. Again last night one of my nephews completely ripped my wallpaper of the wall during a tantrum. I'm a single mum on benefits I can't afford to replace all the things they have damaged. Is there any way the housing could relocate me to my own property? Tia

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Beautifulbella Mon 28-Mar-16 14:29:35

Can I just add this isn't a one of this is every weekend of during the whole holiday as they stay with us during holidays.

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Lolabels Mon 18-Apr-16 07:13:35

If you have too many people to the amount of bedrooms you could be rehouse due to your mums being over crowded

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