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Single Mum all the time

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TheComeback Sun 27-Mar-16 00:55:51

Coming back after long break. Single mum of 3 feeling the Easter festivities. DC seen ExH for no more than 2 weeks in past year. Feeling exhausted by relentlessness of caring for 3 while holding down full time job. And incredibily jealous of ex for his life of riley. Working tomorrow and Monday while DC with grandparents (eternally grateful) and total of 3 days off in holidays. Fed up, sad and run down. Is it just me? Or am I missing out on the joy of the season? Need some like minded support.

BlackeyedSusan Mon 28-Mar-16 23:14:53

sounds tough.

sounds like you are really tired due to working so hard. which is why you have not much energy left. is there anything at all you can cut back on that is unnecessary to make it more sustainable.

I am slightly different. I have them all the time, two with additional needs, but their dad pays so I do not have to go out to work, thank god. it is tough enough doing it all and supervising contact, without having to do paid work as well. You are doing fabulously.

starry0ne Thu 31-Mar-16 09:15:00

Is there anything you can think of to make life easier...

How old are children ...Are any old enough to "help" My DS does the rubbish and feeds his g.pig, puts underwear aware ( mine just goes on bed) .. He doesn't do a lot but the little bits really do help...

Also things like order in a pizza for carpet picnic ( not sure appropriate) can give you a night off cooking and dishes.

It is tough..I have not ever had any support from Ex.. most he has seen him was 2 hours a fortnight and not seen DS in 5 years.... I can say it really does get easier..

TheComeback Fri 01-Apr-16 00:20:08

Thanks for your support ladies! DC do help out. And we had fish and chips yesterday! But I do have moments of grounnd hog day. And I am really tired too. I go too bed to late as find it difficult to unwind after work, evening with DC, clearing up, helping with reading and homework after work (particularly hard in holidays too) and I do have to work a lot of weekends. Fortunately I have parents nearby as I moved a year ago as I was killing myself doing it alone. I can relate to you both. But I feel so guility. DC3 said we don't do anything fun very much. And she is right. I am so busy trying to parent, keep us and keep on top of everything, that fun things don't enter on my radar much. But I have a rare saturday off this weekend and determined to do something fun. Just not sure what yet!

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