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Feeling proud!

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2flyforwifi2 Wed 16-Mar-16 07:25:38

Split with ex 18 months ago. Had found out he had been cheating (amongst other things). Threw him out. I was so so angry for well over a year. Angry at what he had done, angry at how my kids now come from a single parent family. Angry for the lonely nights whilst hes moved on and has an active social life! Angry at how little he sees his children. Angry I had to battle with cms as he wouldn't pay! Just plain angry really!! Thats not to mention how devastated I was and hurt!
Ive recently moved house. Needed the space. Also needed to get rid of the memories of that house. I was anxious about how I was going to do it alone with two kids. (One autistic, for who change is very difficult). You know what though. I done it! ME!! I was sitting last night thinking and looking around our lovely new home. I decorated MYSELF! I sorted removals and carpet fitters MYSELF. The fridge is full because of ME. My children are happy and healthy because of ME!! As for having a relationship, for the first time I feel that I don't need one! When I look at friend's having silly relationship dramas "he doesn't help around the house", or "hes going mad as a bought a new bag". Im sitting here thinking how glad I am that im single. I dont have to "ask" a man if I can spend money! ITS MINE. I dont want a relationship! I actually feel happy as I am smile I actually think its easier alone! Was just wondering if anybody else has had this sudden realisation that they are better off alone? It feels really good

starry0ne Wed 16-Mar-16 17:50:23

Well done... Yes it is easier without my ex... However it would be easier with a supportive partner...Someone to share responsibility, sick time, know my child well enough when I doubt myself and tell the good little things that no one in the world is interested in but to me is very exciting.

Claraoswald36 Wed 16-Mar-16 17:53:54

Hurrah! Know exactly how you feel op after 4 years of frankly much easier life without ex despite drop in income and all that. Never looked back grin

Mumknowsbest6 Wed 16-Mar-16 18:51:19

Well done you! You are proof that it is possible. I have decided to sell the jointly owned property and to start afresh with DD, no more worries about ex threatening court to sell - hopefully in a few months I will be sat in my own home that I made by myself enjoying a big glass of wine - feeling relieved now the decision is made but very anxious of what the future holds so your post could not have come at a better time , thank you flowers

2flyforwifi2 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:30:43

Thanks ladies! Maybe one day I'll take the relationship plunge again. For now though I would rather work on myself and the kids so if it does happen again it's with somebody who compliments my life, rather than complicates it!
Mumknowsbest im not saying its an easy road! But like anything I suppose, if you put the work in you will get there. Im sure you can do it!
Clara I know what you mean about sharing the little things! Its hard! Im fortunate that the kids have regular consistant contact with their dad (that took some fighting for! He would rather phone half hour before he decides he wants to see the kids). Im still not "friendly" with the ex. There is no arguments, but our communication is "I will pick kids up at 5.30" I text back "ok" so that needs work. Although if somethig major happens id let him know. Be nice to have a civil chat on the doorstep about the kids one day though! But I do feel in a much better place now smile

2flyforwifi2 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:31:59

Sorry I ment starryone lol. Clara im not looking back either smilesmile

Vonnie2016 Thu 17-Mar-16 21:59:54

Bloody well done you!! In a similar situation myself and it's hard at times but then I think him leaving was actually the best thing that happened.
I too was very angry for a long time but I now I enjoy my evenings of watching what I want on TV, reading a book without being interupted.
Good on you OP. smile

HappyHedgehog247 Sun 20-Mar-16 10:25:05

Well done you and all the super mamas on here! We did it! It is a wonderful thing to feel in control of your own destiny.

clashofclanswidow Sun 20-Mar-16 10:57:31

Going through this at the moment but I am only at the start of it all. Threads like this give me so much hope and I hope to be where you are someday 2fly, so thanks for sharing =)

2flyforwifi2 Sun 20-Mar-16 11:42:36

You will get there clash! Hope you are ok smile

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