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Just need a rant

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wonderstuff100 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:19:46

My arsehole (and every other name under the sun) sperm donor of an ex hasn't seen son since Christmas Day, has shown very little interest in seeing him and has only called him once, has jetted off to Greece on a nice little holiday with his new girlfriend.

I don't know if it's the fact that he has the audacity to go on holiday whilst not working (so no CM for me!) or the fact that he lives a 15 minute walk away and still chooses not to be in son's life that gets me, but I really do wish his all the worst.

What the hell is wrong with these people that just essentially abandon their children?

I try to look at it rationally, he lives in a studio flat, I've recently bought my own place, I have a good job, he drifts in and out of jobs he's overqualified for, his girlfriend probably has paid for the holiday, I will never be in that situation again, I get all the love from our son, DS doesn't want to see him and states this. But it just makes me so angry when I see that stuff.

I cannot WAIT to be there the day he reaps what he sows.

starry0ne Wed 02-Mar-16 21:38:29

My DS hasn't seen his dad in 5 years..

We had a conversation about his dad the other day..I talked about how I didn't really care forgot so much about him because he isn't in our life.. I get £5 a week CSA ..

I talked to my Ds about how his dad loses out on seeing what an amazing boy he is turning into ... I do think it is easier for both of us he isn't in our life and do feel that although he has gone through a feeling of self blame and abandonment...He has a much more stable life with him absent..

So let him swan off to Greece and know you are doing a great job ..You will be the one to take the pride in the young man he turns into x

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