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child maintenance arrears

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nialopes Wed 02-Mar-16 12:15:43

Hi everyone, back in 2013 i had an open case with the CSA for child maintenance payments and they couldn't force my ex to pay each month. After many unsuccessful calls to the agency i gave and closed the case in January 2013. At the time he owed me £1718. I received a letter stating that this debt was not written off and if ever i wanted to reopen then he still has to pay what he owes. Now I have asked them to chase these money but my question is what about the money he hasn't paid from 2013 until today. Is there any way to chase what he should have paid up until today? the csa say they can only recover the arrears which he owed up until i closed the claim. Do you think a solicitor might help?

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starry0ne Wed 02-Mar-16 21:22:01

Sorry but I think they are right..You can reopen a new case but as you didn't have a case open there was no maintenance to collect

Friendlystories Wed 02-Mar-16 21:32:54

They are right I'm afraid, arrears can only accrue while the claim is open, morally of course he should have to pay but as far as CSA are concerned he only owes up to the date you closed the claim, sorry OP sad

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