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Need a break

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Sunflowersmiling Fri 26-Feb-16 17:55:30

Hi, this is a bit of a random post!! its been a hard few years, but finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel - divorce is about finished and I can start to move on at long last. DS has suffered with the separation and he's finding school difficult, so I want to take him somewhere special just for us to relax and for him to play. Its hard being a single parent, more so with a child with behavioural issues and no local family support. So... here's the thing is, I now have that rare ability to afford a weekend away, but I cant think of anywhere!! We live in Cumbria, does anyone have any ideas within an hours drive of Cumbria? Ideally somewhere we can have fun, by the sea, or with a pool, or a river he can throw stones into etc.? Looking for mothers day weekend. If anyone knows of anywhere magical, please let me know. Thanks x

starry0ne Fri 26-Feb-16 18:49:55

Not sure what age your child is ...But I have done Haven with my Ds..It was lovely..Lots of activities for him to do...Everything we needed..

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