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Severe Acid Reflux, colic & bronchitis

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Lozzy1990 Thu 11-Feb-16 22:23:54

Hi, new to this so haven't posted before. My 10 week old son has some health problems, main one being sever acid reflux disease he sleeps very minimal and the screaming is out of control. He is on ranitidine medication highest dose for his weight. Wanting to change to omaperazole (I think it's spelt) as heard good things about it. Has anyone used this? He has to be held constantly unless I'm his pram, I'm currently trying to put him in his cot on a reflux wedge cushion but proving so hard when I'm so drained and tired myself. I'm a single mother (having an awful time with my sons 'dad' involving police) to my son and a five year old girl. I have no support what so ever and it's getting soo stressful! I feel so guilty towards my daughter as she gets herself upset seeing him in this pain and also as I can't spend special time together as before with my sons needs. She's starting to act up abit for attention which is not like her at all! Has anybody got any ideas at all on any of the above, greatly appreciated. Thank you x

trappedinsuburbia Fri 12-Feb-16 20:31:58

Please get back to your GP asap. Its hard enough in 'normal' circumstances with a new baby, never mind this. You should try posting in Childrens health, there is more people about and you should get more responses.

Lozzy1990 Sat 13-Feb-16 23:29:15

Thank you x

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