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Introduction of Universal Credit

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StopLaughingDrRoss Wed 03-Feb-16 12:11:45

There is a worrying story on BBC news today which states that with the introduction of Universal Credit, single parents are going to be worst hit.

I will admit to not really have considered what this will mean for me but I'm now quite worried. I work but only 18 hours a week and am reliant on housing benefit and WTC to be able to survive.

Does anyone more knowledgable than me understand what this will mean? I don't know when UC will come in obviously but the article implies around Summer?

Flowerpower41 Wed 03-Feb-16 16:34:59

I am sure I read online today somewhere it isn't getting fully implemented until 2021.

They had originally planned to have it fully rolled out by 2017.

StopLaughingDrRoss Thu 04-Feb-16 18:38:00

Good thread here from MN actually - although it does say 2016/17 sad

Lauslaw Sat 02-Apr-16 22:09:12

It's being rolled out for 'non-complicated' claimants first, I.e single,childless people making a new claim, following this all other claimants will be 'processed'
If you use turn2us website you can input your current circumstances and then they will give you a breakdown of how your finances will be under UC

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