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Mediation questions

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Hippymonk Mon 01-Feb-16 04:21:56

Right.....I am the resident parent of our two boys and myself and my ex are due in court this week for our first hearing. She has refused mediation in the past, ignored solicitors requests for confirmation on contact, has constantly made me chase her for maintenance and now has failed to answer a request from cafcass for an interview. All of a sudden today she has spoken to my eldest son, she has told him she is going to speak to cafcass all be it late and that she will talk to me in court, i presume via a mediator of some sort. My children have asked me if i can get her to clear up some burning questions they have about her behaviour and constant lack of communication towards the boys. They are 14 and 12 and have not seen her since October and had not spoken since Christmas, this is because of the way she is being. The boys have point blank refused to see her and have said they will continue to do so unless she answers their questions. Regardless of what myself and my ex can agree on the boys are at the age where they can make up their own minds regarding seeing her so mediation for me and her would be of little use but it may be beneficial for the children and her. Can i ask questions on behalf of the children as without these answers i belive that their relationship will not get any better and it is deteriorating at a pretty rapid pace.

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Hippymonk Mon 01-Feb-16 04:35:12

Also. They are refusing to see her initially without me being there as they do not trust her and have said that if they wanted to go they would not trust her to bring them home when asked ( she lives hundred miles away) and she will not give the address of where they would be staying. Myself and the boys would stop in a b and b or hotel if staying for the weekends but they have both said i would have to be there. To be honest it's the last thing i want but their relationship is that damaged at the moment and there are serious trust issues it may be the only way of building bridges

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starry0ne Mon 01-Feb-16 10:00:11

Have the boys spoken to CAFCASS... I am not an expert but at there age their opinion will be taken into account..

Why do you have to go to her...Surely she can come to you and stay in a B&B...

Hippymonk Tue 02-Feb-16 21:18:05

They have not spoken to cafcass yet but i was hoping that if they got answers to their at leasr the boys would be more open to seeing instead of just refusing when they do speak to cafcass as for her coming here.....she will not so if i want them to have a relationship i will take rgem to her at first

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