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I can't cope anymore

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Staciemoran32 Fri 15-Jan-16 19:00:43

My 2 youngest children are horrible to each otha and to me. They don't do anything I ask I'm at my wits end. If they not callin each otha names they're are literally knock in chunks out of each otha. I hav no support from anyone sadsad

BlackeyedShepherdsbringsheep Fri 15-Jan-16 23:58:25

how many children do you have? how old are the two that don't get on?

Strangeoccurence Sat 16-Jan-16 00:04:07

Mine are the same. I have days like that, id say monthly. It usually lasts a couple of days, then i get my determination back.

Do you have firm boundaries in place?
When i go through this, when i do get a moment to think i try and use that time to look hard at what i could do or change to make things better. There is usually always a solution. The hard part is figuring it out

BlackeyedShepherdsbringsheep Sun 24-Jan-16 00:46:49

how are you doing stacie?

Staciemoran32 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:22:58

Honestly I feel worse than Eva...I think my mental state is probably why everything seems worse and I struggle to deal with things. My mother has just found out she has heart disease and I split up with my partner. My finances are everyone else's but mine. My house is a pigsty. My 14 yr old son is in with wrong crowd doin drugs in trying to keep him away but it's draining me. My oldest daughter wil not do anything to help me. My 10 yr old talks to me like an idiot and my 8 yr old son doesn't listen to me and he's hyperactive. I don't hav any family and I can't trust friends so basically I'm on my own. Responsibility is a lot on my shoulders from aged 8 Caring for my Mam, 14 had my first child and so on.... I think I cud do with a break about now but we're do u turn wen u hav no one and everyone is depending on u sadsadsadsad

Staciemoran32 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:26:30

Sorry for that long moaning post but I feel sometimes I'm just Guna breakdown my life's chaos x

WhenTheDragonsCame Sun 24-Jan-16 21:35:22

Sorry to hear you are going through this. Impact single parent with 3 DDs and it can be hard. My DD1 is 14 and was suspended from school last week! I'm lucky though as even though her dad is about as useless as a chocolate teapot and the younger twos dad died a couple of years ago I do have a lot of support from my parents and close friends.

Are the school able to help at all?

WhenTheDragonsCame Sun 24-Jan-16 21:36:21

I really should check my posts! I'm a single parent!

Staciemoran32 Mon 25-Jan-16 16:47:31

Hi I've been to school and requested social services and as much support as I can get and also my 14 yr old son I'm applying for a transfer to different school. I b bk later and moan a little more xx

BlackeyedShepherdsbringsheep Mon 25-Jan-16 23:46:13

you really have so much on your plate at the moment. No wonder you are finding it tough. sounds like you are trying really hard to help everyone. do you get any time for yourself?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 26-Jan-16 00:09:12

I could have written the first part - but then you have two more!!

Think patenting sucks the life forces from the centre of who you are and then gives it a good kicking!

Where's the help when you need it?

Hope you get some help and a break - brew

BlackeyedShepherdsbringsheep Wed 27-Jan-16 19:51:32

how are you today lovely? I have been hoping you have had a better day.

Staciemoran32 Thu 28-Jan-16 10:13:05

Thanks for commenting on my post.
Today is another day stuck in this rut, I've spoke to schools and arranged a caf meeting with all people involved with my family. It's hard to bounce bk up wen u reach rock bottom and then wen ur ex is playin Hed games it doesn't help at all. I'm goin round in a vicious circle hopefully I'll b bk on track afta this meeting and il b able to focus on ahead and not just trapped like I hav been x

BlackeyedShepherdsbringsheep Fri 29-Jan-16 07:29:22

sounds like you have managed quite a lot. well done.

it is really hard to break out of those damned circles. keep going you will get there eventually and be kind to yourself. it is a long hard race this parenting lark. not looking forward to the teenage years. you can come back and advise when we get there.. smile

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