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Sharing a home with single parent in same situation

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femocrat Wed 30-Dec-15 16:24:52

Are you a lone professional and parent keen to house share? I am considering sharing, ideally with a fellow mum - either you already have oodles of house space of your own to share or you'd like to consider co-habitating somewhere new with another mum. I am considering a move to give us all a clean break and it seems sensible to consider a shared household to spread the costs and for moral support - DS (18) is off to Uni in Sept 2016 (only home some hols) and DD (17) doing A levels at a local college in Hertfordshire. I travel on and off for my job so having someone around (just in case) is ideal and if you happen to have children younger than mine, there's potential for in-built child care respite! Depending on what comes up, I'd either stick around in Hertfordshire until DD completes A levels or we'd also all consider a move to Surrey in reach of West London and my new work location.

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