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charlybear7 Tue 22-Dec-15 06:06:16

My ex took me to court in Nov to get unsupervised access to our 2 children and it wasn't granted until further checks had been done on his state of mental health. I'm pleased to say all seems well now and unsupervised contact has begun.

We attended court again yesterday and it turns out he didn't want to see the children over Xmas!! This man makes no sense and I'm quite horrified that I was asking him to see his children on Boxing Day, to which I'm pleased to say he agreed! I think his solicitor was even questioning his motives!

Anyone else with similar experiences?!x

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LineyReborn Tue 22-Dec-15 06:18:14

Yes. My ExH twice took me to court for a contact order he had no intention of sticking to. He will not see his DCs at Xmas, never has, never will. Too busy with his new wife's relatives.

He sees his DCs maybe ten weekends a year.

His own barrister was embarrassed by him.

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