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Sharing moments that make you proud to be a single parent

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Icandoanything Sat 19-Dec-15 07:30:48

I know this time of year can be lonely and hard so thought I would start a post sharing positive things about being a line parent. I'll start....

Despite my 6 year old DS being quite "challenging" this week,my heart swelled with pride that yesterday he came home with not 1 but 2 Christmas cards for me. I think he was told he could do 2 for each parent but he decided to do them both for me. Contact with ex is sporadic and whilst he does enjoy a good relationship with him,when he sees him,it's lovely to realise that at 6,he understands that I am his constant,that I am the one there through thick and thin,and that in my opinion,these two cards show his appreciation of this. And that's lovely.

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MrsDeathOfRats Sun 20-Dec-15 21:42:40

Technically I'm not a lone parent, but that's only cos I'm having to wait to apply for divorce. Relationship is so dead that I don't feel able to share the little things with STBXH so ok if I join in here?

My dd (3.5) and I donated a gift to a child in need last week. We had made some christmassy cookies the same day and she wanted to give them with the gift. The outline for the gift was very clear about no food items and I explained this to dd and also said that as Christmas was almost 2 weeks away the cookies wouldn't keep that long.

So she stood and thought and then she said 'mummy. I know!! We can make more and take them to the girl on Christmas Day!!'

I know this sounds silly but I was so proud of her generosity. Wanting to bake, decorate and deliver cookies to a little girl that she has never met before. Just made me so proud of her. The problem solving element as well made me feel proud that she had found a way round all my reasons for saying no!

Thanks, that was nice to have someone to share that with!!

MrsDeathOfRats Sun 20-Dec-15 21:44:29

Totally meant to put in my post that you should be proud of your DS giving you both cards.
It does show that he sees you as a constant. Shows that his thought process was 'I can make one for mummy and one for daddy. But I want to make my mummy 2!'

Well done you

timelytess Sun 20-Dec-15 21:47:26

I'm not technically a lone parent because my dd has grown up, married, had a dd of her own. But I'm terribly proud of her. She's been seriously ill this year and was so brave and determined to do everything she could to be well. She's also been in counselling and found it really helpful. She's an awesome, fierce, determined woman and she's my baby. She sat on my knee recently. That was so nice!

needygonzales Sun 20-Dec-15 22:36:26

I loved reading your posts. I'm a single mum to my two kids although they do see their father once a week. I find the hardest thing is not being able to share the great things they do. My daughter is 9 months and she stood by herself today! Granted it was only for about 3 seconds but hey, we all gotta start somewhere right?!

And my boy is 5. Sometimes I think I fall in love with him a little more everyday. He is adorable, frustrating, beautiful and brave. He tells me at least 3 times a day that he loves me. I'm so proud to be the mother to such an affectionate and loving boy.

PanseysandViolets Tue 22-Dec-15 08:09:54

Lovely posts flowers

MrsDeathOfRats Tue 22-Dec-15 20:31:20

She made me proud again yesterday.

We gave a tiny little gift to one of her friends. Who's mum wasn't prepared/expecting it so had nothing to reciprocate with and you could see that dd was a bit sad that she wasn't being given a present.
The mum said 'I'm so sorry I haven't got anything for you but we will have something next time we see you'

Dd said 'it's ok. It's the giving that we enjoy, not to get a gift back, but to give a bit of joy'
These are my words that I had said to her about why we give gifts and she remembered and then said it with total conviction.
The mum bought her a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to make up.

I practically welled up.
Sounds stupid but manners are sooooo important to me and I'm so so proud of how she is turning out. Despite everything that is going on around her!!

WanderlustSue Wed 23-Dec-15 19:00:49

Aww lovely to read about your kids. My DS, aged 2.5 has started reading numbers in the last couple of weeks, so proud of him! smile

Jw35 Wed 23-Dec-15 19:10:03

My daughter is 9 months and she stood by herself today! yay! Well done baby Needygonzalas!

Well I'm a single parent by choice but feel like a cheat because my Dad does so much for me and shares the joy! My proudest moment was the day my youngest was born last year (22nd dec). I waited over 10 years for a sibling for her sister and finally bit the bullet and went for donor sperm. Great decision smile now I'm pregnant with no 2 donor baby (same donor). I'm a very proud single parent!

JeffreyNeedsAHobby Mon 28-Dec-15 02:07:27

DD is all my own doing - her dad hasn't seen her since she was a baby. I am so proud of her every day, especially now she is learning to read and write! She's a real character and makes people laugh all of the time but also loves babies and will sit and entertain other people's babies if they are crying so the parents get a break. I love that she is so well rounded and all mine!

antimatter Mon 28-Dec-15 02:48:37

My SIL commented several times lately that ex's family know that how my kids are brought up is due to my psrenting and work I do.
My BIL told me during Christmas dinner that I am very generous person.
I can see they appreciate me and that makes me very happy.

My DD got all 5 offers for uni courses she applied for. She was told by her teacher her Histor essay which is going to make 20% of her A2 mark was the best in her school and her Music teacher sent everyone her essay as an example to all A2 students in her flass as the best a yone submitted this year.
My ds had sonr ov his work msrked as A* GCSE level in English Lit at the beginning of y10.

I am very proud of them!

ittooshallpass Mon 28-Dec-15 10:14:20

My 6-year old Dd said it wasn't fair that I don't get any presents at Christmas (I always make sure exp has a card and gift from her). So she put things on her christmas list for me.

(I dutifully went and bought and wrapped them).

When she opened them and saw what they were, she gave them to me... She was so happy she'd got me some presents.

It melted my heart that she was so kind... and that she wanted me to have something on Christmas day.

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