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GEM33 Tue 15-Dec-15 22:58:15

I'm ok. I really am ok. Just every now and then the bitterness of being left by the man I adored for someone else then all that shit that that situation causes makes me sick. It's crap. Day to day am ok. Once in a while it's all too much. Is it just me :-(

ChristmasCrap Wed 23-Dec-15 21:53:31

It's not just you. This isn't always the busiest board. Sorry you didn't have other replies sooner.

Whilst my ex isn't with one he left me for ,although he cheated, nothing seems fair.

Hope you're feeling bit stronger now. flowers

Iflyaway Wed 23-Dec-15 22:05:12

You really are NOT alone!

I've been doing it for 25 years now.

Who gives a fuck about them. It's about us and our kids!

Upwards and onwards, I say!

We are actually stronger than we know. Yes. (After all this time, I know this).

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