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new partner/baby

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Fairy45 Wed 09-Dec-15 11:20:14

Hi, i have a 6 month old baby who's dad left when she was 10 days old. After an on and off relationship with the baby we now have a regular routine of access but always in my presence. It is very rare for me to have any time away from the baby, my parents can help out but both work full time so i dont like asking too much.
A few weeks ago i met a really nice guy and have been on a few dates with him. We are slowly forming a relationship and i just wondered everyones thoughts on when to introduce a new man into my babys life. Also for advice on how people have dealt with it and how their ex has dealt with it. I havent even told him ive met someone yet. When does he need to know? Tia

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 10-Dec-15 01:17:28

Well done for moving on. Personally I would wait a year. I know that is a long time but it takes that long to really get to know someone. In order to really know someone you need to see them in many different situations and places.

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