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Struggling to fit it all in!

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FrenchTammy Thu 03-Dec-15 21:18:20

Hello. I have 4 kids: 7,4,3,1. I split with my younger two children's dad a year ago. He pays £90 maintenance per week and is very supportive of his own children and also my two oldest. My eldest child's dad pays maintenance of £50 per week but has no contact and my 2nd child's dad does not pay nor has contact.

I work 4 days per week as a research nurse so can work from home one day per week and that helps. I take my eldest to school everyday and my ex takes the youngest three to nursery. Between the two of us we pick them up as well. Recently I just feel tired and have started a course with work I now wish i hadn't. I suppose I just want help or advice on how to fit it all in!

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