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Have 6 weeks leave to take - Travelling with 3yo?

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roratone Tue 01-Dec-15 16:29:58

I'm in the very fortunate position of having 6 weeks leave remaining to take. I've asked if I can take it in one go as I'd like to do something ....different....but what

I'm a lone parent to an almost 3yo Girl. She has no contact with her father whom I left when she was 5mo She goes to day nursery 3 days per week and I work. I returned to work when she was 7 month old.

I'd love to do something fabulous with her before she starts School nursery (which will be in September as our local School nursery with an intake of 9 is full). I really dont know what what do. I'd love to take her away, but no idea where. I dont speak any languages and have no close friends who live overseas.

Has anyone done this? Any suggestions??

With Many Thanks x

specialsubject Tue 01-Dec-15 17:06:09

you could do a lot worse than 6 weeks in the Canary islands - basic Spanish is a doddle with a phrase book and there's loads to do and see on Tenerife, La Gomera and Lanzarote. (and doubtless the others, haven't been there yet!)

not too long a flight, no time difference, no extra jabs needed, no insect-borne diseases, cool enough to sleep at night...

do it outside school holidays and you can get good deals on apartment rental. Book flights, grab travel insurance, job done.

roratone Thu 03-Dec-15 16:32:00

Thanks smile

Flingingmelon Thu 03-Dec-15 16:34:21

What about somewhere in the US? No jabs, English speaking, but loads of different experiences depending on where you choose to go. If she's okay in the car a road trip could be fab!

scandichick Thu 03-Dec-15 16:38:37

I'd love to go somewhere in Italy out of season for a long holiday like that, say Sicily in April: super-childfriendly, lovely food, blossoming orange trees...

Flingingmelon Thu 03-Dec-15 16:40:03

Just brought DS (2.5) back from a seriously long haul month away. The worst bit by far was the jet lag when we got back. Don't let a longer flight put you off. I'd try and avoid anywhere malarial as getting the tablets taken is virtually impossible, but the locals (Malaysia and Indonesia) absolutely adore children and couldn't be more helpful / welcoming. TBH we've gone elsewhere and I get the impression that most places out of Northern Europe are fab with kids.

I'm so jealous! Enjoy smile

Flingingmelon Thu 03-Dec-15 16:40:43

Ooh, we went to Scicily. V.v. Child friendly smile

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