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starlight2007 Sat 21-Nov-15 11:28:05

I have never had a good sleeper.. However have you tried cuddling him to sleep in his own bed..

If you are both worn out maybe put him to bed in his own bed when he wakes up don't fight it till you both catch up on sleep.. It does take them a while to get over been poorly longer than the actual illness.

I am a c.minder and the majority of the children I have walk in happily..It is not unusual before anyone knows they are ill no symptoms they don't want to leave mum

Pipsqueak23 Sat 21-Nov-15 01:04:09

My son is 2 and is just getting over a bad case of hand,foot and mouth. He had really bad ulcers in his mouth and nearly had to be hospitalized as he went over 24hrs without fluids. Fortunately he worked out how to drink without hurting his mouth and we didn't fave to take him to hospital.

My problem is, because his mouth was so sore he wasn't able to use him dummy's (which is his comforter for sleeping) and as a result he used me as a comforter and now won't sleep through unless he is with me.

He is now back in his own room however wakes up after a couple of hours and won't go back off until he comes in with me. I have sat in his room for over an hour and cuddled him but as soon as I put him in his bed he is awake and crying. I have tried leaving him in his bed and me sitting in the chair at the foot of his bed and then going out when he is asleep, however my once brilliant sleeper who could sleep through any noise, now stirs at the slightest sound of my trying to get across creaky floor boards and again then starts crying.
I have tried putting back into bed and coming straight out which I gave up on after an hour and a half and him nearly making himself sick as he was so upset. I have also tried a hot water bottle (in a protective case) with one of my tops on it so it Simulated body heat and my smell and no success with this either.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get my good sleeper back? Thanks

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