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Child contact and LIES.... Advice really needed please

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Homely1 Fri 06-Nov-15 07:09:34

I have posted before and I have had great advice, support and a lot of love. Ex is pursuing the legal route for contact. DC is a toddler. He's been absent and not bothered. I have received correspondence with pure lies ... Not slight deviations of the truth. LIES on paper. He is a manipulator but how low can a person stoop. He has accused me of things that have NOT happened. It is his word against mine. He is a master manipulator and I worry that people believe him. What do I do?

charlybear7 Fri 06-Nov-15 07:24:49

Get a good solicitor if you haven't already.

Write everything down in a time line with facts.

Print off emails or texts as any proof.

And stay strong. Don't let him break you (easier said than done I know). This will unnerve him.

I've just been to court as my ex wanted unsupervised access. He didn't get it. I represented myself as I could afford my solicitor to be there. I held my head high told the truth and told the court my children's safety are my priority. Needless to say he looked a fool!

Good luck X

Homely1 Fri 06-Nov-15 08:20:40

Thank you so much. I do not have on writing the truth that counteracts his lies though so his word against mine. My word is the truth. I know that. How did you manage to get that via the court? I keep hearing that he'll get what he wants xxx

charlybear7 Sat 07-Nov-15 23:53:38

The court will see what is best for your children. They did in my case and you can't just hand over children to a man even if they are the father where they would be viewed at risk. Child protection is huge and risks and short cuts should not be taken as these people are answerable if anything was to go wrong. Stay strong X

tinkerbella55 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:43:15

Hi Homely1, hope you are ok. Just to echo what's already been said. Write everything down. I have been advised by a few experienced people to take notes of every communication etc w my STBXH. You can do it retrospectively. Dates, times, everything. It is tedious but feels good to know you are protecting yourself shld you ever need the detailed info. I know how awful it can feel re the lies. Please have faith that the truth almost always outs (particularly w good records of things) & their lies will trip them up eventually. smile

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