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Im so fed up today - rant

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Pancake2015 Wed 04-Nov-15 21:50:58

My younger two being overly noisy, bickering over stupid things. Walking back and forwards to school, work, school and home. Taking the dog for a walk who continuously grabs the lead and pulls on it, pulling my dodgy back and making me in pain (i have a new leash on the way). To the cat vomiting all over. To an awful phone call. To the kids bickering some more. Then my oldest bickering with middle son over a book. Causing an arguement at 9pm. Eventually younger son gives in and hands over the book and im raging. Telling my older son that thing in the box is an xbox one which will probably be getting sent back after his attitude. He called me a retard!! Now they are all in bed and all i keep thinking about is how stupid i was for telling him his bastard christmas present! On top of that, my two cats keep squaring up to one another doing that god awful creepy talk thing they do to each other. Which sets the dog off barking. I still need to go in the bath! My god im fucking sick today.

My anxiety is through the roof lately and im so worn out, its unebelievable.

My older son was annoyed because i had told him to finish his game on xbox and then bed (when he reads). I did not realise at the moment i walked into his room, the game had ended. So he took it i meant one more game!

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Pancake2015 Wed 04-Nov-15 22:14:09

Felt better after that and apologised to my older son. He said sorry too and we hugged and made up

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BrandNewAndImproved Wed 04-Nov-15 22:22:19

Why did you apologise to your son for? I wouldn't send back the xbox but I'd make him think I had!

megletthesecond Wed 04-Nov-15 22:27:23

They'll always make it go on for another game. It drives me up the wall when mine do it.

Some days are really crappy aren't they. ((Hugs)).

New day tomorrow. Are you at work or can do do something nice for a couple of hours to wind down?

Pancake2015 Wed 04-Nov-15 22:49:58

I apologised as i felt i may have taken my stresses out on him a little bit more than i maybe should have. I definately lost control, otherwise i never would have told him about the xbox. I also did not want him going to bed with any bad feelings.

I think it may have been because his headset was on, and a group of his friends would have been hearing it all. Embarrassing for him really because i gave him til the count of three like i do his younger brothers. I said you have til the count of three to turn that off, otherwise i will. By the button! (He likes it turned off properly). Ready... 1...2...3 ok ill turn it off then and i switched it off. Haha

Yes, i have the same set up tomorrow as i did today. Only it will be minus the phone call, which was probably my biggest stressor. Im sure it will be better.
I am off on friday though wooohoooo!

Thank yous x

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Flowerpower41 Thu 05-Nov-15 03:59:28

I wish I could get my ds to READ - for the past 18 months he won't read in his room it is driving me up the wall.

I keep telling him no good will come of it and he will end up working in McDonald's but he just won't listen.

XBox is annoying isn't it when they take forever to come off.

zombieme8 Thu 05-Nov-15 04:43:06

Don't use working in McDonalds as a threat Flower! It's bloody hard work, with reasonable pay and decent career prospects to get promoted through management, plus actually pretty selective about who'll they'll employ now. This bloody attitude of looking down on people who work hard for a living and using their career choices as some kind of threat is so frustrating! angry

zombieme8 Thu 05-Nov-15 04:43:58

Sorry you've had a bad day Pancake flowers

Flowerpower41 Thu 05-Nov-15 08:00:29

Sorry zombie I had no idea I had always assumed it was minimum wage my sincere apologies ...... That will teach me in future!

Pancake2015 Thu 05-Nov-15 09:20:25

Thank yous. Thankfully all of my children absolutely love reading.
Well, my day started in exactly the same way. It is seriously all making me ill with stress. Im already on beta blockers which seem completely uneffective when faced with my 3 boys lol.
Even my neighbours said he heard them this morning. No doubt he hears me losing the plot, too as that is how i feel!

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Flowerpower41 Fri 06-Nov-15 04:35:47

It is really strange ds used to read every evening then all of a sudden he stopped luckily he reads aloud excellently well but he isn't expanding his vocabulary unless we read together and do comprehension homework. I absolutely adore the English language and feel quite disappointed in his general reluctance!

3 boys is a LOT to cope with Pancake, makes me feel I have it easy really ....I tried betablockers one time and I had the most awful side-effects. If you have energy perhaps even 20 mins of yoga would help you relax a tad?? Do you have a dvd you could use.

Mine is still sat there glaring at me lol. There are 15 minute workouts in it I really should crack on with it have been trying to do the yoga for 2 years!!

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