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Worried about noise for neighbours

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Pancake2015 Wed 04-Nov-15 08:31:28

My 5 and 7 year old are so loud indoors. 7am in the morning they will make really loud shouty noises when messing about with each other. They bang up and down the stairs.
My anxiety goes through the roof as i really worry about my neighbours being fed up of it.
They are often more noisy than toddlers and babies. No matter what i do or say - it keeps happening again and again.

I know kids will be kids, and i know i sometimes freak out over just that.
I dont know if im doing it with this or not.

I have older children and they had generally quietened down by this point.

My mum had tenants above her evicted due to noise and she was a mother with two children. She was extremely noisy, with foul language. I cant help but think my neighbours may feel the same about me - without the language

kayla999 Wed 04-Nov-15 09:36:46

Could u have a chat with ur neighbour explain how u feel n ask if there worried by the noise level

Pancake2015 Wed 04-Nov-15 09:55:09

Thank you.
I have. They said its not too bad and not to worry. Only it hasnt helped me feel any better. I feel they just say that.

My anxiety just spikes through the roof and then i end up overly stressed for something that is probably nothing.

Ive posted this in the parenting section. It seems its me who is the problem, not the kids.

kayla999 Wed 04-Nov-15 11:57:08

Bless ya i can see where ur coming from though mum always worried with our old neighbour but neighbour always said don't worry but my mum did me n my lad live with nana n grandad only time neighbour asked was wen my lad was poorly and she was worried

Flowerpower41 Thu 05-Nov-15 04:06:33

I sometimes wonder about the noise levels as I live in a semi-detached house and the neighbours are retired and as quiet as a mouse - unless their grandchildren are visiting then they are stampeding around their home.

I asked the wife next door if noise was an issue and she was absolutely fine with it.

Think I am just worked up about it as I was always brought up to 'be nice to the neighbours' lol. Some things just get ingrained don't they!

7 am is an awfully early time for them to be early at weekends though so I do feel for you. Over the summer school holiday ds was on innumerable occasions putting on his ipad at 7 am really loud and I had to constantly remind him to turn it down.

Boys honestly!

Hurr1cane Thu 05-Nov-15 05:38:01

My DS is very loud very early in the mornings. I'm constantly apologising to my neighbour for it but she claims she can't hear anything which I am convinced is a lie.

Mind you, when she apologises to me for banging, early morning hair drying, DIY and barking dogs I hadn't heard anything either, so maybe she's telling me the truth and I'm just paranoid about his noise levels

Pancake2015 Thu 05-Nov-15 10:07:22

Thanks girls. My neighbours have said that they dont hear things at times, too and like you i dont believe them lol. I feel they say it just to be nice.

I did apologise for the noise this morning as they just were not listening, winding each other other and i ended up shouting after repeating several times 'pants. Jumper. Socks. Shoes. Coat.'
My neighbour said "yes i heard them this morning, the little tear aways"

My neighbours are all eldery and we live in like a cul de sac. I dont think this helps.

I wasnt so bad with noise worry in my previous house as it was all families.

They are at their dads on weekends. But they make their presence well known at 7am every weekday! When they walk, they kind of stamp and the floorboards are noisy as it is upstairs so it sounds horrendous, even when they just walk.

My 7 year olds walk down the stairs is one foot on one step and then stamps the other one on to the same step. All the way down. Another thing i have to reapeat!

Amazemedontbeacunt Thu 05-Nov-15 10:23:22

My upstairs neighbours are so loud it sounds like they're in the room with me they've also been known to jump repeatedly directly above my sofa so hard I've sat elsewhere incase they come through grin I just turn the telly up a bit. I'd never complain! They're children playing or adults with the telly up a bit or a dog running or whatever you can't stop people living and it wouldn't occur to me to ask them too. They aren't anti social or anything just a family with kids and pets so what can you do. I'd believe them when they say don't worry about it smile

Flowerpower41 Fri 06-Nov-15 08:01:19

Slightly off topic but just to amuse us all I will let you in on something. I once lived underneath a Somali woman with her 2 year old. They had not long been living in the UK and weren't aware of how sound carried through floors in a block of flats.

She used to stomp about until 2 am every night and I would hear the tap constantly being used above me - it got so bad I had to sleep on the kitchen floor on an airbed!

She didn't speak a word of English and her landlord did nothing about it either.

Thank God those sorry days are over and done with. Never again!

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