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How to get over the loneliness

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changeoflife Sun 01-Nov-15 08:54:18

Just that really.

Been separated for 3 years now. Have 2 young children, 8 & 4. I'm mid-40's. Work full time. Ex sees the children EOW for an overnight but apart from that I am on my own with them. I can't really afford to keep paying for childcare and even if I could, all of my friends (no exaggeration) are in couples so if they go out they tend to go for a date night, or with other couples. I am never included.

I feel incredibly low. And I feel so trapped by circumstances that I had no control over. This is not how I wanted life to turn out and I want to turn it around but I'm not sure how!! I have such limited time to myself and even when I do I tend to have to do things for me & the children,like shopping or getting errands run as I have no other opportunity to get these jobs done.

Anyone else feel the same? What can I do to make my life not feel so lonely?

Solo Sun 01-Nov-15 13:21:59

Hi change smile come over HERE and join us.

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