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How will this effect my kids

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2m2g2r2t Fri 30-Oct-15 07:31:57

I wrote a post yesterday explain how argumentative my 10 yr relationship is and asking what I do about it. the advice given was leave my partner so the kids don't get effected. which i happen to agree wiv.
I wanted to know if anyone knows what will happen if my 3 kids all under 6 constantly hear their farther screaming at me with vile words. not yr normal arguments much much more nasty. there's never violence but the words feel like a punch. it's constant and he can't stop. we've talked and he says he knows what he does and doesn't mean it but gets so angry the 2nd he sees me, from work or even just waking up at 2 in the afternoon.ive been up since 6 mind. everything he calls me he seems to b himself. lazy, tired. go and die and if I'm honest worse. my 5 yr old actually said to me mum stop busting my balls.
my question is probably a stupid one but if I stay what Wil my kids b like. or seriously will I mess them up. they must come 1st. We used 2 b so in love. it wasn't like this. 10 yrs is a long time but I'm starting to feel real low. I used 2 b so strong. where have I gone and what will happen 2 my little angels. pls advise. sorry to go on.

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Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 30-Oct-15 07:38:19

They will end up like their father. They will how to treat he does. They will form bad relationships. They will be in trouble at school.

cestlavielife Fri 30-Oct-15 13:01:11

children see children do watch the video and think what your dc are learning.

starlight2007 Fri 30-Oct-15 22:55:12

That is a very powerful video Cestlavie....I don't think you need to know anymore..

Your children will have equally no respect for you too.

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