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Don't know what to do about job

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TalkyWalky Mon 26-Oct-15 20:24:31

Hello all. Wanted some opinions about what I should do. Am a lone parent to 2 children-1 in year 1 at infant school and 1 who will be going to school in September. No family near by and ex does bare minimum-1 overnight a fortnight and picks them up on a Wednesday from childminder if he is free (can be bothered!).
I work 4 days a week in a stressful job, it's well paid the people are nice but it is demanding. I bring work home and I have sleepless nights worrying about work. When it's particularly busy I am stressy and short with the kids. I don't see them much as it is as they go to childminders 4 days a week 8am til 6pm. From January I have to go full time. It was a full time role when they took me on and they have been really accommodating letting me do 4 days til now (been there a year). I am not doing what they need me to do and it's pretty rubbish feeling like I am below standard at work. So from a work perspective being full time will be good. But obviously I will miss even more with the kids. My youngest really misses me, plays up every morning not wanting to go to childminder.
But I have been offered a new job. Wasn't looking, friend of a friend got in touch. Slightly different line of work, less well paid, less stability as this guy runs his own small business. But I can work what hours I want, work from home if I want.
I am scared- feel guilty if I left my current employer as they have been so good to me. The work is hard but I am supported and there is good career development opportunities etc. the new job would be big step into unknown but I would have so much more time with the kids and they would be much happier.
What should I do?

DressingGown Tue 27-Oct-15 04:33:17

Only you will know whether it's right for you. You're allowed to be scared, but please don't feel guilty! You worked, they paid, there was a contract, no-one's breached it, you are allowed to move on if that's what you want. Good luck with your decision. Go with whatever you think will make you happiest.

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