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anyone live long distance from DCs dad?

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2wenty2wenty Mon 26-Oct-15 08:43:23

I really want to move close to my home town where my parents and friends are, which is 200 miles away from DCs dad. I have no support network currently where I am and am struggling. I think it would be beneficial for kids (8,10) to be close to grandparents, cousins and extended family, and I'll be happier and financially better off (no mortgage), so that all goes towards being beneficial for the children too.
Have you made a long distance move like this?
Did XH object?
Did it go to court, what was the conclusion?
How does contact work when you are long distance?
Are you glad you moved?

Bellemere Mon 26-Oct-15 13:42:02

What sort of contact do your children have with their Dad at present? What will the impact be on them if they're not seeing him as much? Who will do the travelling so they can see him?

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