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i'm going out on saturday NIGHT

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buddhasbelly Mon 12-Oct-15 20:21:56

This is something I have waited 2 years for, I've finally built up a couple of friends that went to invite me out to things with gp's looking after my dd.

I'm ridiculously excited to go out with people that want to know about me, not my dd (dont get me wrong I love her but to have some people to take an interest in me, for me feels great).

I get to plan what to wear, do things that I had dreamed of doing. It has been a very isolated few years and to be able to go out is just liberating (incredibly grateful to my parents for babysitting).

Dont know why I wanted to post this it just felt like "yes life happens for you when you're a single parent, it might take time but it can happen"

Penfold007 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:13:46

Do you have written permission in triplicate? Seriously brilliant news, go and enjoy.

megletthesecond Mon 12-Oct-15 21:48:49

Have fun smile. Is it a meal and drinks or straight to the drinks?

New outfit? Make up, nails?

Make sure you have water, vits and milk thistle to recover. And a some healthy food in the house for Sunday. (Painful experience of a lp hangover here).

campervan67 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:55:53

Yay! I know that feeling, I had a long-awaited night out last weekend and it was fantastic grin Enjoy!

buddhasbelly Tue 13-Oct-15 16:49:17

Thanks all smile going out with a bunch of people, although almost thought I had a date to take with me...

The place where I work is getting a lot of work done on it and one of the incredibly hot builders was sitting in the cafe as I walked across the massive reception bit to go upstairs, caught him smiling at me I smiled back, got to the lift, felt something tear on my shoe as the lift went up...little bit of the toilet roll train that I had been dragging across the room was now stuck in the lift doors, the rest presumably in a heap at the bottom of the lifts...i went back to check after discovering what I presumed had happened sure enough toilet roll in a heap at the bottom of the lift. Yes, thats right, I'm smooth....

Redcrayons Tue 13-Oct-15 16:54:01

Talk about stealth boast. Saturday night out and hot builders smiling at you, you're living the dream!

So, what you wearing?

buddhasbelly Tue 13-Oct-15 19:30:52

Builder will most likely be there again tomorrow, I have to walk past the bit he's working on to get to my desk - maybe I should just say something eg "like what you saw?"wink always good to make a joke of a bit of humiliation!

I have an LBD redcrayons that deserves an outing.

Not in any way to disparage my friends from toddler groups but inevitably we talk about our kids, this wont be one of those nights woohoo!

Flowerpower41 Tue 20-Oct-15 05:19:40

It is weird how couples have no clue about the single parent's need to have a life of our own and nights out. Many disapprove too. They don't understand why we are even wanting to socialise let alone actually doing it. They will retort ' We didn't go out when ours was 3 years old' etc. They don't understand the crippling social isolation that single parenting can bring.

A lot depends on whether we have family support or an ex regularly seeing our children.

Although there is always invariably 80 per cent of single parents cannot afford to shell out extra money let alone find funds to go out in the first place. Every pound counts.

You go out and enjoy yourself op. You have earned it!

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