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feeling shitty about finance :(

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Mummasbigsmiles Tue 06-Oct-15 23:32:03

I'm a single mum of 3yo daughter & im currently on income support. I'm feeling crap right now about money. Does anyone have any tips on how to save money? (Currently looking for work)

Flowerpower41 Wed 07-Oct-15 04:20:56

Well I work and also feel pants about cash. All pay out pay out. Nothing ever left. Nothing to show for working. Everybody else luxuriating in better cars and holidays and partners and families.

I can recommend ebay when the chips are really down. I have had an unexpected electrical repair to pay for and I am hoping to fund it by selling a number of things at home that I simply do not need e.g. new pair of shoes, a cd I really can't stand ( a costume from ds, one of his shirts etc. He also has a number of books unread and unused as ds has outgrown the ages for too - but not sure how to wrap those up.....

A friend who hasn't worked in nearly 20 years sold £50 worth of stuff the other month which helped buy him some food.

Good luck op although I am working I do know how you feel.

Flowerpower41 Wed 07-Oct-15 04:24:05

By the way the cd is a Gary Barlow if anyone reading this is curious lol!

He is Tory anyway so should be hung drawn and quartered!!

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