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Final Hearing with my 7 year old son

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Gladiator16 Tue 06-Oct-15 23:06:30

New to the site but hope someone is able to offer some advice please.

Just to give you brief background
My husband and I split up 15 months ago due to DV.
I called police went to court and he was charged with battery . He actually pushed me too far and brought my son to witness the attack .
I needed hospital treatment and this alerted the staff to phone social services to protect our son.
Social services did 2 visits to the marital home and concluded that our son wasn't in any danger with me as I started divorce proceedings immediately .
My son wasn't allowed contact with his dad and has only been able to see him supervised in a contact centre fortnightly .
Basically my husband hates me !
He does everything possible to cause problems and thankfully the contact centre know this and document everything .
Cafcass said he was a risk 16 and he has been forced to attend a psychological assessment course and also a DV perpetrators course.
I am back in court this month as my husband who started proceedings wants indirect contact unsupervised . I have been in court 4 times so far !!

Cafcass are saying he still presents a medium risk which could be harmful to my relationship with our son . They believe his behaviour hadn't changed and the courses where only a means to him winning more contact with his son !
Do you think the cafcass report stands up in court as it does not read favourable to my husband at all .
I have attended contact and I have done everything possible not to show our son that there is a problem with me and his dad so his very happy
I feel my husband can't be trusted with our son as doesn't take responsibility for anything
I know his manipulative and even shows these traits in the contact centre ie drawing horrible pictures of me whilst colouring with our son .
He buys him extravagant gifts , although this week a new MP3 player loaded with violent foul rapping songs with racist and wife beating lyrics !!
I've had to report him again !
So that's my story
What's after contact centre ?
We have been visiting for over 12 months and my husbands behaviour has only got worse !
I'd be interested to hear from anyone in similar situation
Thank you

amarmai Tue 06-Oct-15 23:21:39

sorry no experience with the system in uk , but def experience with a violent husband. Can you get legal advice,and can cafcass advise you also. MN ers will be along sson with info and advice. Hang in and beleive in the power of good over evil.

Gladiator16 Wed 07-Oct-15 00:14:04

Thank you for response .
Sorry you too had such bad experience and I hope your on the up now.
I have had help with solicitors and can only praise cafcass with their help and support .
I just know it's all down the the judge on the day
Just wondered if anyone else had this kind of experience .

amarmai Wed 07-Oct-15 00:35:26

don't know why you're not getting more responses. Maybe post on another forum with more traffic-e.g. relationships the judge is soo experienced in seeing thru fakes as s/he see them all day long. Believe in yourself and stand tall and speak your truth. Click on report on the top of your message and request a change to a busier site. Also there is a legal site -that might get you some good advice.

cestlavielife Wed 07-Oct-15 10:36:44

cafacass report and contact centre reports will be taken into account.
no one can second guess how a judge will read them . all you can do is present your evidence. "in the best interests" of your ds.
in theory, contact centre should move to outside the contact centre, maybe supervised by a contact centre worker, then gradually to unsupervised. you can just say it should be a gradual process to ensure things are going well.
is ds happy seeing him?

Gladiator16 Wed 07-Oct-15 15:44:27

Thank you I will take advice and try posting in a different category .

starlight2007 Wed 07-Oct-15 20:41:33

I Can only say from my Experience the CAFCASS officer I spoke to said that they can't demand that a judge follows there advise however it is rare they don't/

Good luck

amarmai Fri 16-Oct-15 20:50:02

Hi gladiator- how did court go? Hoping it went your way .

Gladiator16 Sun 18-Oct-15 21:29:00

I'm in court this Friday for my final hearing financial and 30th for my son.
I'm so glad it's finals as I am battered mentally x

amarmai Sun 18-Oct-15 22:24:40

Hi gladiator- you're having to live up to your name. Hope it ended the way you and your son need. PP are saying CAFCAS will help you in court. So i'm beleiving in the power of good.

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