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Office compliance interview

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Shadow0606 Wed 23-Sep-15 23:42:29

Hi. I've recieved a compliance interview letter, I have a 3 month old baby & am a single mother. The letter tells me I have to take my past 5 payslips but I don't work?? I also have to take my tenancy agreement but I live with my mum...I'm so confused and worried as to why I have been asked to go

MarkRuffaloCrumble Thu 24-Sep-15 00:27:00

Where did the letter come from? Is it tax credits/Concentrix? They have sent out letters to all sorts of people requesting random information which most of us are unable to provide. Just write back giving them as much information as you can, any supporting paperwork, bank statements etc. Or better yet, turn up to the interview with your 3 month old (and his/her birth certificate to prove the baby is yours!)

Try not to let it worry you, it will be easily (although maybe not quickly) sorted out.

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