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Police referred me to social services ???

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cb123 Fri 18-Sep-15 19:29:53

Hi I had a situation 2 weeks ago where 2 men broke into my home at night and robbed me at knifepoint, they stole my jewellery & cash that was in my purse, from what was said by them during the robbery I am almost certain that these men were specifically sent to my house by my brothers ex girlfriend as an act of revenge/vendetta towards our family. Obviously called police also told them my suspicions.
So few days later I got a phone call from social services who wanted to arrange a home visit, saying they were referred by Police in regards to the incident above. My 2 children 5 yr old & 6 months were upstairs asleep when this happened, lady on the phone assured me it was a visit to make sure they were safe and due precautions were put in place so this couldn't happen again. Social Worker has since come to my house she spent an hour or so talking to me about what happened and is going to come back next week. When she comes back she said she would like me to sign a form giving them consent to contact school & GP regarding my children to make sure all is well.
Now all is well I take care of my children well, I have never in my life had any dealings with social services, so although I don't mind them looking into these things I am annoyed as to why, and am worried as I've heard stories of social workers creating problems over silly issues. The lady sent seems nice and assured me that they are here to 'help' etc.

Wanted to post this for advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation & also opinions on the whole situation, I was the victim of a robbery now I'm being investigated by social services and feel annoyed about why. Sorry for the length but the whole situation has gotten me really stressed and just want some advice

MissFitt68 Fri 18-Sep-15 19:34:18

Sorry you are a victim of this

However all social services care about are the children caught up in this 'vendetta'

It was knifepoint.... Very nasty. Straight I like that for a revenge? Is that where it will stop? It's very concerning

leghoul Fri 18-Sep-15 19:36:12

No experience of this but assume it's because the incident happened in your home and was an aggravated incident involving knives - also as it was someone known to you there is a theoretical risk of it happening again. I'd be cross as well though but not sure what to advise.

cashewnutty Fri 18-Sep-15 19:37:26

I am a SW. I would say they are not investigating you but are assessing you to find out if you and your children are at risk of harm in the future. Here in Scotland the school would have been contacted without your consent to find out if they had any concerns. They want to help you to make sure that you are coping with this terrible incident and to ensure you are able to act in a protective way towards your children. Work with them. They are not out to get you.

leghoul Fri 18-Sep-15 19:38:20

I was mugged at knifepoint and it was taken very seriously indeed. I can imagine there wuold have been much more ss/police involvement had I been at home with my DC when it happened. They were at risk whether you believe they were or not - what if your 6 year old had walked in?
Keep a cool head and hopefully this will blow over. I'm sorry you went through it though.

JeffsanArsehole Fri 18-Sep-15 19:38:23

They wouldn't be looking into it if it was a stranger attack, the fact you think it's someone you know is leading them to reassure themselves.

It's the right thing to do though as the safety of the children is the most important thing.

Comply and it will all go away sooner smile

queenofthepirates Fri 18-Sep-15 19:39:55

Nothing to worry about (I hope), I was referred to SS by the police when my 1yo dd wandered off and along a main road. It's not uncommon and they are there to help. I hope they see what a great mum you are and there's a lid on this for all of you xx

They'll just want to make sure the kids are safe if it's a vendetta. I'd guess you are concerned for your kids safety too, if this is the kind of thing they do?

I had similar years ago. My 'mother' sent her brothers round to beat the shit out of me for helping my dad when she cheated on him and was plotting to take every single penny and possession he had and kicked him out. Fortunately, she was also stupid enough to give them my phone number and they were dumb enough to give me a nice threatening call while they were on their way and the police stopped them in their tracks (my family really aren't the brightest sparks!). However, the police did have to inform social services as my son is severely autistic and therefore very vulnerable. It was passed to out disability social worker and it was just a case of them knowing the situation (they knew about my family anyway) and making sure I had someone to contact/someone to help if they tried anything stupid.

It'll be ok. Unless there are any other concerns, but checking with school and GPs is just standard procedure with any reports or concerns

TheOddity Fri 18-Sep-15 19:42:51

I would think of it this way. If there is a vendetta against your family, wouldn't you want the school to be keep an extra sharp eye out for any random people trying to pick your children up from school pretending to be an uncle, or talk to them or threaten them? If they were willing to come to your house when your children were there, then they are very brutal people and SS are trying to help you ensure your children are not at risk from them. It is not a reflection in any way on you or your parenting.
So sorry you are going through this. flowers

cb123 Fri 18-Sep-15 19:46:04

I know and I understand that yes she (ex girlfriend) may possibly do something else, although I think she's unlikely to try anything again.
The day this happened she also got my brother arrested on a false accusation of assault, proven to be totally false as my brother has taken to wearing a body camera in dealings with her.
She got it in her head that my brother had money he was hiding from her and keeping with me, he wasn't, she knows this now for sure since sending ppl to my house to rob me.
Currently he is applying for sole custody of there children on grounds she is unfit and she seems to be keeping a low profile and playing the victim. Still I can't help being really upset about whole thing as she was not even questioned by police as they said there was no evidence to do so.

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