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Re single mum financial advice

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gynn1986 Wed 02-Sep-15 17:03:50

Hi I've recently become single and currently 6months pregnant with my second child and my partner has just up and walked out. I have a mortgage with my ex I'm Currently divorcing and have paid for it all for years. (I'm keeping the property)
My concern is now is I won't be able to afford my morg alone when my maternity pay stops and i just get smp as I won't be able to work fulltime as I have done for years and still be a mum. What help is there for me?

Thanks in advance

Madlizzy Wed 02-Sep-15 17:12:53

Might be worth reporting your post and asking for it to be moved to chat or relationships.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Sep-15 17:38:33

Hi gynn1986,

So sorry you're going through such a hard time. flowers

We're going to move this thread over to our Lone Parents topic - hopefully there'll be plenty of advice and support there.

gynn1986 Wed 02-Sep-15 17:50:17

Thank you x

charlybear7 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:43:43

Hi there! I've been in a very similar situation as yourself. My youngest is now 3 months old. My ex walked out on us (4 year old son) when I was 7 months pregnant.

He wants to sell our house but unsure where that leaves me and our children! All uncertain times for us when it's meant to be the happiest.

Hope you're ok x

gynn1986 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:51:13

Oh bless you all, I've a house with my husband been seperated for years and although it's not in my name yet that end is all sorted, he's letting me have the house. The issue is now my current well now ex partner has just up n left. How on earth will I manage to support us all and keep our home.
Always worked loads of hours and missed out on loads of my now 5yr old growing up. I wanna be home as much as possible and actually be a mum to my girly and unborn child.

Lightbulbon Wed 02-Sep-15 19:08:11

Check your mortgage to see if you can take a mortgage holiday- lots allow this for maternity leave.

Contact hmrc about your change in circumstances and make sure you get them to calculate this years entitlement on your expected earnings for this tax year 15/16 instead of last years (14/15) as it will be smaller due to mat pay. Remember some mat pay doesn't count as income for tax credits.

You won't be able to get an exact estimate for your entitlement after the baby is born until you know the birth date but you can play around with estimates on entitled to and other similar calcukator tools. Cab may also help you calculate entitlements.

Do you think you will get any child maintenance? Contact cms.

Find out about childcare now and work out costs/vs how much you could claim in childcare tax credits.

Be aware your tax credit award will change again in April!

Since you have a mortgage rather than rent you can't claim housing benefit so you may have to choose between being a sahm & owning your home.

gynn1986 Wed 02-Sep-15 19:17:05

Thank you for ur advice. Parents have told me to sell up and rent and be a sahm as I've worked so hard and been so stressed doing it on my own with 1 child, having a second will only add and is no life sad difficult to take that plunge to see up a home I've worked so hard for almost 10 years.

Lightbulbon Wed 02-Sep-15 22:40:38

I had a similar dilemma a few years ago. I chose to work. Having to move every 6 months is so unsettling for DCs in my experience that outweighs any benefits of sahming.

Spotifymuse Fri 04-Sep-15 19:26:59

Definitely ask your provider about a mortgage holiday to take the pressure off in the short term.
Your Ex should also be paying 20% of his income in maintenance for 2 children.
Hope everything works out for you smile

CJCreggsmyhero Sat 12-Sep-15 10:52:48

If you're not working you may be able to claim mortgage interest relief. Try Direct Gov website for details.

You need to get a handle on money pretty quick, I'd suggest creating a document with all your outgoings and be precise about mortgage - what % is repayment and what % is interest. Also if you are in work, get your employment contract and details of maternity pay

Then get an appt with CAB and they can help you navigate benefits.

You need to be realistic about probability of ex paying CM.

Since my DH left, I have found real kindness is the most surprising places - income support helpline, Job centre interview - I've being met with nothing but kindness. It's going to be ok flowers

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