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Shot down

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baby0684 Mon 31-Aug-15 19:13:33

went on a single with kids camping event this weekend. I absolutley loved it.
The thing is I put my neck on the line (heart) for the 1st time in, god 7 years. And was shot down.
There was a group of us all chatting, I have slept with minimal amount of people, Ive not had sex for over 4.5 years.

Please tell me it gets better. I have been single for so long, with 2 children. I find it hard to get out and date.

I want to be with someone long term.

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scatterthenuns Mon 31-Aug-15 21:20:04

Keep going out and meeting people. Even single, childless people take knocks before meeting the right person so you've experienced nothing unusual.

You need a thick skin to date, and the eternal optimism that for every 'nope', 'no way' and 'never again' you'll be a step closer to one that fits.

LUKYMUM Tue 01-Sep-15 00:24:05

OP don't beat yourself up. You tried. That's better than not knowing and regretting.
I think what scatter said is spot on and think I might take some of that advice myself ��

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