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Before & After School Childcare?

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stuckinahole Wed 05-Aug-15 13:28:37

Bit premature with this but I'm a planner!

So when DS starts school I intend to go back to work Full Time (work P/T now)

Full Time being 9-5:30pm

So my question is ....

I'll be likely to be able to take DS to school but what happens with after school childcare? Childminder? Nanny? After school club?

Then what about school holidays?

I am a lone parent by the way and NC with DS Father.

And then what happens if I can't take DS to school as in need to be in early/meetings etc ... before school club???

I'm clueless & would just like to know about what options are out there smile

Thanks so much

Waggamamma Wed 05-Aug-15 13:38:47

It very much did depends on the area.

Our after school club is £15 for 3:15pm-6pm. They have a waiting list for everyday except Fridays, they say its likely 2-3years on the waiting list shock .

There are lots of childminders pick up from our primary school but many are full. In our area they are around £12/for after school. I know of other schools where there is only 1 childminder picks up from there.

A nanny works from your own home, it can be difficult but not impossible to find an after school only nanny. Also more expensive option.

Waggamamma Wed 05-Aug-15 13:41:27

School holiday - out if school club, or childminder.

Breakfast club you can't use adhoc here, you need to have set days each week. it's £7.50 for 7:30am-9am.
A childminder might be more flexible to do as hoc mornings but it depends on their numbers and other factors.

stuckinahole Wed 05-Aug-15 13:48:33

Great info! Thank you

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