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charlybear7 Mon 03-Aug-15 20:57:40

Hi there! I organised mediation through NFM for myself and my ex partner. I attended my MIAM and he told me he was attending his but turns out he didn't through NFM but went to one with a different company. He said his reasons were he was taking advice from his solicitor and not me!!

Where do we go now? I really don't want to go to court!

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starlight2007 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:59:39

well no real advise..He just sounds like a nob... As they are impartial not sure it matters where you go

charlybear7 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:04:58

Ha yes starlight2007 you are right he's a nob. He left me at 7 months pregnant with our 2nd son! He's now wanting to take me to court to gain access to our children, not that I've stopped him and he also wants to sell our house!

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starlight2007 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:47:18

I went to mediation with my ex...He said my MIL was going to take me to court for access...I did point out how stupid she would look in court as she hadn't even asked to see my DS

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