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Tell me I am not a bit nuts...

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Chorltonswheely Mon 03-Aug-15 18:29:51

well I know I am, but I have learned.
You see ( this may be a long story you might need a brew), some years ago one of my older children made an allegation against my then partner ( not her dad). He moved out of the house, and I continued to allow him to see his dd as I did then believe he could learn to curb his aggression and be a dad to her. Social services were involved and then were not.
Roll on 2 years and another older child makes another allegation of physical abuse. So we then go to supervised contact, and social services are back around.
So here we are again, 2 years later and he has had 2 years of supervised contact. It was just getting to the point that we were all talking about risk assessments and him possibly having unsupervised contact... when someone else makes an allegation to the police.
Since that point I have refused to speak to him, and although I have allowed his supervised contact to go on, I have made it clear to the social work team, I do not want him to have unsupervised contact until she is 18.

They have made the decision to go and request a court order and are saying the same thing,so I am hopeful.
I know the social work team do think I am a small risk due to not only my attempts to keep him in her life, but that I have anxiety and sometimes my housekeeping is not the best.. but I have sucked it all up and have done everything they have asked and worked hard to get on top of everything.

I want my daughter to have a father in her life... but not if its not safe. I think the proverbial will hit the fan soon.

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enderwoman Mon 03-Aug-15 22:15:54

I'm not sure what your question is but I would be asking SS to help me prevent ex partner from seeing any of the children that I care for.

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