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daisyJ123 Sat 01-Aug-15 13:22:25

Hi all
I split up with my partner 18 months ago. We have one DS who is now nearly 3.
ExP works shifts & is a musician so every week is different re DS childcare & every 6-8 weeks ExP & me meet & do schedule for nursery/which weekends he will have DS/which days off he will have DS & DS's welfare. exP never instigates these meetings & often postpones or forgets.
ExP has NEVER instigated a day/sleepover for DS. I have even instigated the Christmas trip to his family in Scotland (last year)
ExP & I both have new gf/bf & ExP has put DS in nursery before to see his Gf instead & introduced her to DS very quickly (after 2 months) Recently, Exp seems to be struggling with juggling work/DS & gf & has cancelled weekends with DS at the last min. (Inc this weekend as he has 'work commitments'
I am shattered but more importantly, DS needs to see his dad!)
ExP has just cancelled a weekend in Sept with DS (the only full weekend they have ever spent together) and I am exhausted by A) his lack of organisation & B) his lack of commitment to DS...
I contacted ExP's mother & sister this morn to let them know what's happening (his lack of seeing DS will ultimately affect them seeing DS & that's not good as DS loves seeing them & has every right to!)
I want to explore mediation as ExP is behaving like a teenager when I try & speak to him & I'm at my wits end! Any thoughts on this & has anyone found mediation helpful? Thanks for reading.

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starlight2007 Sat 01-Aug-15 17:33:38

Sadly you are explaining what is very common on here anyway...Without living together the Little ones drop down the list..

I think it is certainly worth doing mediation..I did it with my ex..While it achieved nothing I can say I did everything I could.

I think you won't get anywhere pushing and pushing.

I think you have to find out what he wants..If he doesn't want the contact he won't stick to it.

I really do feel for you with exhaustion but it will have no bearing on what he will or won't do..

I did mediation the woman was very impartial but did seem to try and move things forward and look for resolutions

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