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Im exhausted. Anyone else ? come and have a moan.

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misstiredbuthappy Sun 26-Jul-15 21:11:38

I feel so poorly. Im burning up shivering and can hardly swallow.

I've been to work(calling in sick isnt an option, I've got a new boss, first impressions and all that) came home and my dm has let dd practicaly trash every room in the house.

I need someone to make me cups of tea for me, clean my house and go to work for me. It's not going to happen is it hmm

isntthatapippip Sun 26-Jul-15 21:29:10

Poor you. Leave the house and try and get some rest, I'm sure it can wait one day (or even more). Ask your mum to take dd out tomorrow!

Lemsip helps too. It won't be forever.

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