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Fed up of doing it all on my own.

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LauraE27 Sun 26-Jul-15 17:08:38

I know there are 1000's of people out there that are going through worse than me but, it's pretty shit in my house too. I work part time have a 7 year old son. We have no family and I mean no one. My boy has no dad/nan, grandad, aunties, uncles, cousins. It's so shit doing it all on my own. I keep my head down at work and just get it over and done with. No friends from my sons school and no friends at all. I haven't had a night out in 7 year and the only things I talk to our my dogs. Is this really it :-( struggling with holidays and childcare as he keeps getting kicked out of places for fighting. Must be doing a shit job as a mum I thought I was doing ok but obviously I'm a proper shit mum sad

Bellemere Sun 26-Jul-15 17:13:02

You sound so sad sad and no wonder. That sounds like such a lonely situation. I don't think you're a shit mum at all - it just sounds like your son is struggling and needs some support. How is he at home? Is he aggressive there?

Angelface5 Sun 26-Jul-15 17:20:34

Hi. I know it doesn't help but your not alone. I have 5 dc and no family,and I really mean no family,so I know how your feeling. I don't get a second to myself.but most of the time it's not about that is it,it's about abit of support!!
I have good days then bad and feel so alone and like a shit mother. But I bet your son adores you as you are his mummy. Do you mind me asking what area you live as maybe there are clubs for you to join with your son,if your ok with that sort if stuff??
But how are you feeling beep down ? Do you just feel abit lonely and sad or is it more than that x
Just wanted you to know your not alone x

LauraE27 Sun 26-Jul-15 18:36:03

I live in leyland near preston. I have no time to join clubs as he goes to activites the spare hours I have a week. He doesn't sleep and is up from 5.30 in the morning and will still be awake at 11/12 at night. I've been to docs and they have said nothing. I don't want to drug him even if it meant I could sleep.

tickertyboo Thu 30-Jul-15 21:10:25

You are at the end of your tether. You need space for yourself. You say you work part-time, does this give you any time to yourself when your son is at school? You need to try to focus on what you like, when you have the time to do so.

Does you boy have friends over after school, or at the weekend? He will appreciate it, and it will give you time to yourself. I hope you can work this out. I know how you feel, you are not alone.

DesertIslander Fri 31-Jul-15 19:20:09

Oh, Laura sad do you work school hours? Are there days when your son is at school and you're not working? Could you start up a hobby? Might be a nice way to make friends and socialise.
You're not a rubbish mum.

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